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TrollTech - Qt


What are you doing?

We are implementing the BattleTech board game (owned by FASA, but now owned by QizKids) for the PC. We will be as faithful to the rules as possible, but we also hope to allow people to make their own versions for their own house rules.

Why don't you combine with other projects?

I am independent. I am using a different method than everyone else, plus, I am implementing it for Linux. No one else has the same goals as me. Plus, I am tired of waiting for them to do something, and I refuse to support a closed source project for free.

What makes you better than the other projects?

  1. We are Open Source - under the GPL. That means you can use our code if you want to write your own program - as long as it is licensed under the GPL as well. Also, under no circumstances can anyone ever sell any part of this software or software derived from it. They can sell the medium that this software is distributed on or in, but not the software.
  2. We are using Python, which is far easier to learn and far easier to program in than C++.
  3. We are developing for Linux and Windows. Linux because Linux is the future OS, and Windows because, well, everyone uses Windows. May I suggest you by a boxed set from SuSE Linux and experiment with Linux if you haven't done so yet? This is a great way to get started.
  4. We are trying to do as little as possible at first, rather than throwing in everything including the kitchen sink. This is so that we can finish earlier, and attract more real developers to do some real work. Linux wasn't written all at once, it was implemented incrementally, and so will BTTC.

What makes you worse than the other projects?

  1. Ahhh... err.... well.... I don't know. If you know, let me know immediately.

Why are you using XYZ technology and not ABC?

Check out our technology page for an explanation.

How can I help?

You can help no matter what your abilities or resources. Anything and everything needs to be done. If you are a BattleTech fan, then you probably are able to contribute in a number of different ways. Join our mailing lists and ask how you can help and you will get a lot of answers.

What if my question wasn't answered?

Ask our mailing list. We have low traffic and we are willing to help.