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Here are some screenshots of the current stuff. This is a picture of the BattleMech Editor.

This is a view of Qt Designer.

This is a rendered view of what the map will look like. The graphics are pretty crappy right now, but it is good enough to start. The images used should be 16x16 (yes, that's all you need), and the skins for the ground are 64x64. I need better skins for the ground, and I am working on a way to contrast the green cover for forest hexes with the brown cover of the ground.

Next is water!

This is a pre-rendered view of the map that comes with the boxed set. I haven't completed the water yet.

Here's another view at the closest it gets at high-resolution. (Note - this image is big big!

This is showing the new water. It is beautiful, isn't it? I can't help but gloat over results like this. It is so much more beautigul than I imagined it could be. Just wait until someone loads up a really hefty map with a lake at the bottom and a mountainous island in the middle or something.

Here's another big one. It shows the water in detail. If you look at the edge, you can see some of the trees are growing in the water. This is the kind of thing that makes me really happy.