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Welcome to the BattleTech: Total Control website. The BattleTech: Total Control project is dedicated to making a PC implementation of the BattleTech Level II rules. We are targetting both the Linux and Windows operating systems, and we work under the GPL.

We are working with C++, Python, Qt, PyQt, PyOpenGL, and sockets. If you have experience with any of these technologies, I would encourage you to help. If you don't but would like to gain some, this is a good place to learn.

SourceForge, a website devoted to people who want to develop Open Source software, is hosting our project page, as well as this website. I would encourage you to support SourceForge in whatever way you can. VA Linux is a major contributor to SourceForge.

Right now, we are about 10% of the way to the Beta stage. The design is finished and all the remains now is mountains and mountains of code. I try to keep the latest updates up on the downloads page. However, I strongly encourage you to use CVS and checkout the files directly from the CVS server at SourceForge. CVS will always have the latest stuff, expecially when I am too busy to upload something. Caution: CVS is not easy, but you may as well learn it because it is very useful.